"Tears of Happiness" Fine Art Collection

This website presents the best artworks of the International Fine Art Competition “Tears of Happiness” that started in Feb 2013. The themes explored by artworks featured in the collection include love, family, childhood, and all the things that make us happy.

The Fine Art Competition is a new project of researchers from the Mathematical Institute of Oxford University and world artists, created to put together a collection of paintings “Tears of Happiness”. With the help of art,  the project intends to draw public attention to the problem of dry eye syndrome as well as helps to beat the modern syndrome of dried-up souls. 

The competition has created an enormous amount of interest - more than 800 artists from around the world have expressed their intention to participate in the project. The website of the competition has been visited by over 35 000 people, four articles were published in newspapers and journals. 

The Competition has finished. Two exhibitions have been held in Oxford and one - in London. Future exhibitions will be announced in the News. Later, we plan to hold the competition once again. It will be announced on our website and on our facebook and vkontakte groups.